Bosco Ntaganda walks into US Embassy asks for transfer to The Hague !
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Bosco Ntaganda - Surrendered to te ZuS Embassy in Kigali

Bosco Ntaganda – Surrendered to te ZuS Embassy in Kigali

The US State Dept has confirmed reports that a Rwandan-born, former Congolese general, Bosco Ntaganda, has turned himself in to the U.S. Embassy in Kigali. The State spokeswoman MS. NULAND said “I can confirm that this morning Bosco Ntaganda, an ICC indictee and leader of one of the M23 factions walked into U.S. Embassy Kigali. He specifically asked to be transferred to the ICC in The Hague. We’re currently consulting with a number of governments, including the Rwandan government, in order to facilitate his request.”

When asked if the US State Dept Had contact with General Ntaganda before And to explain in any manner how this process came about, or was whether it was just a complete surprise to them that he showed up at the Embassy, she said ” I don’t think that we had any advance notice that he would plan to walk in. It sounds like it was something that happened this morning, and we are endeavoring to meet his request.”

Our view is that its a good thing that its becoming hard and unhealthy to be an ICC inductee on the run in Africa. It also speaks well of the US that an inductee could choose to surrender in a US embassy because he trusts he will be assisted to get due process

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