The Immigrant Story: is ant-immigartion really that or something else @SpeakerBoehner?

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As the immigration debate intensifies, so have the efforts of the anti-people of color/ anti-migrant movement. These efforts are confusing, hate-filled, and only aim to “divide and conquer” all of our communities. “Divide and Conquer” is a tried and true strategy, but so to is knowledge, solidarity and resistance. Our network – BLACK IMMIGRATION NETWORK (BIN) was born out of the need to stop these regressive forces that seek to undermine all of our communities, whether born in U.S. or abroad.

BIN and Center for New Community invite you to join a webinar tomorrow, July 9th at 12pm CST entitled Countering the Anti-Immigrant Movement and Nativist Front Groups
The 90-minute webinar will focus on the following items:
· The key players and organizations that constitute the modern day anti-immigrant movement;
· The anti-immigrant agenda: an overview of activities and strategies utilized by the opposition;
· The anti-immigrant movements front groups and the harmful narratives they employ;
· The real obstacles to Black employment and economic prosperity;
· Tutorial, “Writing Op-eds and letters to the editor.”

You can register for tomorrow’s webinar here

As we fight for justice that goes even beyond the narrow confines laid out in the Senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill, it’s important we have the knowledge and skill that will allow us to effectively advocate for all of our communities.

Watch this short video by BIN member, Center for New Community to learn a bit more about the regressive efforts that stifle our communities, and to get a taste of what you’ll learn during the webinar:
We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact April Callen (

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