Trayvon Martin : – What would he have done differently on that fateful day?

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Now that we know that a jury of Peers has confirmed what the local police knew all along, that George Zimmerman was justified all along, we would like to know what Travon could have doe different.
Martin could have stayed at home and watched TV. He could have not put on a howdy. He could have not bought tea and skittles. He could not have strolled to his fathers apartment while talking on the phone. He specifically should not have talked that girl. Martin should not have asked George why he was fallowing. A black young man has no right to ask authority why they were being followed. He has no right of self defense and should always lean over backwards to come out alive from a meeting with authority. Martin failed to understand the rules of engagement, he paid with his life and a jury of peers confirmed that.
The lesson from this incident to young black men is that they should learn the rules of engement with the system.

What could Trevon Martin done differently on that fateful night?

What could Trayvon Martin done differently on that fateful night?

We know that there is nothing George Zimmerman could have done differently – it was his Gods plan.
We only have to say that it’s problematic to abandon your religion and adopt another mans faith which in its practice treads you as the devil. You can believe in God while you keep your own faith otherwise you become a perpetual problem.
You are not expected to walk while black in a neighborhood while you live.
Dubois asked , “How does if feel to be a problem?”

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