A case of bad Crisis Management – Kenya ICC Cases!

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Crisis Management is the art of bridging between functional and murderous Psychopaths, by showing that the events occurred when the subject had crossed over the dark side and it will not happen again by offering a societally acceptable apology with or without restitution. This involves showing and explicitly saying you have a plan to deal with the situation, showing compassion to those adversely affected and committing to find out what went wrong and then placing in place systems to ensure it does not happen again.

The handling of the Kenya ICC cases from the time the clashes occurred after the elections in 2007/2008 through the self referral process to the current appeals to the UN Security Council with attendant accusation of racism is a classical case of bad crisis management. The Egos, the fear, the ambition, the denials, the accommodation during the past elections, the patience or lack thereof, and finally the indulgence of those who accompany the accused to The Hague shows a country in crisis that does not know how to deal with it.

The draft resolution before the U. N. Security Council request ICC ” to defer the investigation and prosecution against President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and Deputy President William Samoei Ruto for a period of 12 months” , the poll that show 67% of 2060 Kenyans polled on Thursday 14th November 2013 want the case to go on in The Hague and President Uhuru malignant speeches both at the African Union and mashujaa day shows a country in crisis but with no knowledge how to fix itself. The UN Resolution died because you do not ask for my vote and be malignant to me at the same time, countries are run by people and people have brittle feelings. We however must give it the the a USA and Britain for abstaining and not voting or vetoing the resolution,Guatemala’s UN ambassador Gert Rosenthal was more blunt and said the attempt to suspend the trial was an act of “contempt” against countries that had sought to help Africa with peacekeeping troops and efforts to boost justice in the continent.

Two books you must read are, “Good Self, Bad Self” by Judy Smith and “The Wisdom of Psychopaths” by Kevin Dutton, I recommend you read the second one first before the first one because most people that need catastrophic crisis management will be found in Kevin Dutton’s book. You need to meet Kevin before Judy!

There is observed but not proven evidence that in families with very successful individuals there is one or two who crossed over, in families with very bright and intelligent individuals that are a few who are, well over the bend. Africans have a saying that every village has its madman and every family it’s thief! Kevin notes that there is a scale of madness along which each of us sits! He, through bold reporting and original scientific research establishes that there “Functional Psychopaths” among the population different from their murderous counterparts. These functional psychopaths use their detached,unflinching, and charismatic personalities to succeed in mainstream society and shockingly, in some fields, the more “psychopathic” people are the more likely they are to succeed.
Judy Smith the well respected Criss Management Consultant for the high and mighty has found that the very qualities that make people successful are the same ones that may make them fail catastrophically! Translation, every successful person in a vocation that requires telling others what to do is a criss waiting to happen: CEOs, Lawyers, Media personalities, Salespeople, Surgeons, Journalists, Police Officers, Clergy-persons, Chefs and civil servants!

What traits occur in each person whose balance my determine whether they remain functional or become murderous psychopaths?

You need a strong ego to succeed, being modest and assuming leads to a modest and unassuming life! A rampaging ego will make you refuse to listen to input and refuse to own up to your mistake leading to total loss of all you have gained. You ability to balance your ego will determine how far you go in life. Lack of ego may lead to wasted talent, I have met many very qualified and talented people who have so little ego that some other person packages their talent for sale! You are More likely slightly psychopathic to think that you can carefully excerpt your will on others!

You need a degree of denial in your life to get up and do something. There are risks everywhere and you need to say think,”it won’t happen to me” sometimes but total denial of facts will lead to total failure. It’s common knowledge that odds are always stack against the new kid on the block, you need to deny this common wisdom to start something new somewhere new with someone new! You need to balance the denial in you to succeed. The higher the risk, the higher the reward, postmortem analysis of the risks taken by would be successful people normal make news because normal people do not take such risks! Hindsight is 20/20 and that is why it’s accountants, auditors and doctors who do postmortem and then marvel it the fools hardy ways of the fallen!

The emotion of fear and the ability to flee from danger or brace ourselves to survive it is natures way of ensuring that we are safe. Fear can galvanize us to action or paralyses us into complete inaction. A fearless person lives in a fools paradise but a frighten person misses opportunities to advance their social, professional and business life. You need to balance the fear in you to survive and thrive. Nature expects the adrenaline rush from fear to sent you in flight away from danger as a means of self preservation, you need to be somewhat psychopathic to rush towards danger – if you survive, you have all the resources to yourself, everyone else left

The need to achieve moves you up the ladder but the process may alienate and frustrate those you leave behind, those you meet on their way down, those you have to put on hold or on whose head you may have to step! You need to manage ambition so that it does not hurt to many people or your success may be empty. Human beings are social animals, normal people would want to be among equals without strive, ambition raises eyeballs!

Taking everyone and everything into consideration to ensure everything is on board before acting or taking action may become a hindrance to your dreams. Being the nice guy or the best performing person in a place may hind your progress because people may fear to let you move on because they think you do well right there! You cannot be all things to all people, at one time in life, you will have to do things that displease some people. You need to balance the need to accommodate everyone and the need to do what has to be done.
Consensus in assumed in settled societies where everyone knows their place in life, breaking with the norm and stepping out of the mould requires some level of psychopathic behavior, knowing just how far out to push will determine whether you end up in the corner office or the jail house!

Sometimes you have to remain still to move ahead! Some people are relentlessly in motion and are impatient with people who take time to plan. If you do not plan, you in essence plan to fail.
Give your efforts time to bear fruit, in this age of the internet, 24 hour cable news, fast food restaurants it’s easy to see why people may demand results now but every process has a gestation period before the results. You have to learn to balance the need for instant gratification and the natural process of gestation before birth!
Vultures are patient birds, they remain still high up in the air focus on a rat, chicken or rabbit down below know just when to make their move, waiting drives normal people crazy, psychopathic people have time!

The joy in life is about the journey not the destination! The fun and thrill is in the hunt Not the kill, you will learn that for every achievement there is more and if you did not have fun and get a thrill in the journey, you will be really frustrated by the results. It does not matter whether its a promotion you seek, money in the bank you want, a bigger company you are looking for or starting your own business. You need to indulge yourself but have to balance between robotic execution and a “hippy” kind of existence.
Normal people are constraint by societal norms: they know where they were born and can approximate tell where their remains will lie, they go to school in the neighborhood, find a vocation that will serve they local community, they marry their high school sweetheart and raise their families next door to mum! They do not raise waves and life is a duty.

What expectations do need to be managed?
The concept of failure, failure and success are the two sides of the same coin. In a toss however, failure turns up more often than success and you need to toss more frequently to get some success. Just because of the frequency of failure people run away from it, no one likes to fail and no one wants any association with failure but all the successful people will tell you that they have more experience with failure than success!
The odds are stuck out in favor of failure because you have to have an ego and balance it, you must know of the chances of failure and deny it wisely, you must have fear and manage it, you must have ambition and manage it, you must be accommodating without being a door mat, you must have patience but have a gut feeling of the gestation period and in doing all these you must enjoy the journey, the process understanding that the result is less than half the whole endeavor.

Perfection is something to look to but unattainable, evolution is natures continuous improvement, salvation and redemption is the religious persons acknowledgement that God allowed imperfect creations to populate the universe and that He is continuously improving and sometimes denying the imperfections just to let it go! Everyone and everything has a blemish, looking for perfection in anyone or anything is a fools errand. You have to ask and demand perfection but always temper it with a look in the mirror several times a day!
Nothing is perfect, be prepared for all the things that can go wrong to wrong, and no, it will not be the end of the world!

Are Kenya, Kenyatta and Ruto joined at the hip or is a win for Kenya and a loss for the two in any permutations acceptable in this crisis management? The country should be bigger than individuals, but in times of war, there are no innocent bystanders. We shall wait, watch and see!

Reference: 1. Judy Smith, – Good self, bad self. 2. Kevin Dutton, – The Wisdom of Psychopaths

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