East African Community in Crisis under Kenyatta’s watch AGAIN?

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imageThe East African Community is in crisis, Nairobi is in denial, Dar es Salamm feels slighted and Uganda is asking for help. Just ask President Kikwete, he said Tanzania will not be the cause of the EAC collapse, it was not either in 1977!
Last time around Sir Charles Njonjo was the Attorney General and Kenyatta was president, they had no respect for Nyerere. Now Kenyatta seems to be showing the same kind of callousness because Tanzania had the cheek to host both Presidents Obama and Bush as they gave Kenya a wide path due to the little matter of ICC. Remember, as Kenya burned in 2007, Tanzanian president worked very hard for a deal, this is what he gets for a thank you!
Kenya as a country has more to gain in the short run from the EAC than Tanzania but The Administration in Nairobi is more concern about Egos than Kenyan National interests, the fast they recognize that if one party feels aggrieved then there is a crisis if not addressed the better. Many people’s lives, businesses and long term plans depend on the expanded EAC market and everything should be done to ensure that the community survives and thrives.
It will be in the interest of the administration to get this fixed ASAP, anyone around the president should emphasis this fact. Agreed that Tanzania welcome the US presidents, but what seems to have been forgotten in this ICC blame game is that Kenya took its case to they ICC after various attempts to get them to establish a local tribunal failed and the deputy president saying, “let’s go to The Hague don’t be vague”
How then can it be that anyone supporting or being friendly to anyone supporting the ICC trials is an enemy?
Forget the denials, check the egos get the EAC on track! The coalition of the willing is a myth and like Raila said, “The course of action Odinga proposed is not to push forward with the, “coalition of the willing,” at the risk of alienating Tanzania and Burundi but to secure their membership, that of South Sudan and eventually that of the DRC.”

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