Keeping your Rolex fresh:With those who know,like and trust you!

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Breaking NEWS:- People still buy from those they know, like and trust! If you are in business, work on people knowing you, liking you then building their trust in you – sorry the breaking news is same as old! Its very common in the US for someone to ask,”Who sent you?” seeking reference if they do not know you!
Taking this fact into consideration, you need to Clean up your contact list in TEN passes:

  1. Delete all the people you do not know
  2. Separate the people you know but do not want contact with keep in the DO not call or answer List!
  3. Separate Family who you don’t do business with and those who do like you or you don’t like – Keep in family list
  4. Separate those you like, those you are not sure and those you do not like
  5. Ruthlessly DELETE those you do not like or who do not like you!
  6. Place the ones you are not sure about in Relationship building list
  7. You are left with Contacts that you like, like you and you can work with these is the prospects list
  8. Put those who you trust or who trust you in TRUST list –  these are people who would drop everything to come and help you out if stuck on the road!
  9. Work the prospects list to build trust
  10. Sell your idea!
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