Immigration:- “What is the USA selling anyway?”

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Welcome to Immigrant Nation USA

The USA immigration is very complicated, in fact its so complicated that it has span a whole industry of experts. Many people get lost in the mace and either give up or just fall in the cracks. Many who have worked through the system believe that the variety of forms,mailing addresses, waiting periods, and false traps are intended to create a class of citizens who can be exploited for gain just like the slaves and indentured immigrant workers of the early periods.
I was helping a young dreamer to fill forms and work through the system when he through his hands up in the air, stopped filling the numerously returned forms, and asked me, “What is the US selling anyway?
This particular Dreamer had come to the USA legally and was untitled to all the privileges of citizens except voting and the fact that he could not leave the country and return without advance parole, I was trying to help him work the system to be able to gain the ability to vote and travel freely. The visa he came with was linked to someone else and had lead him into a blind alley!

The young man told me that whereas he is grateful for the safe haven provided by the US government when him and his family needed it, including college education, he does not feel that its worth his while spending his precious time filling one form after another, calling service centers who read websites back to him and paying non refundable fees for citizenship in a country which does not want him!

He asked to explain to him why he should jump hops, pay money, fill forms that are returned for not having “N/A” in  empty fields so that he should look for jobs in a market where his origin will determine pay and prospects. To live in a country where because he is black, the police will always assume that he is thug. To be able to pay for loans that he obtained when the visa was valid while he can go to Australia or Canada, be welcome with a red carpet in a booming economy with easy to fill immigration forms and be loan free!

Most of the African Dreamers have trained in Healthcare, IT and other professional fields that are high in the US shopping lists but these same fields are hot in the Australian and Canadian shopping lists – loyalty, Detroit has just screwed its retired workers, so tell loyalty to the birds!

So, what is the USA selling again? I have learned that you can be doomed in the marketplace by doing the same thing over, and over, and over again without taking into consideration the market changes. The USA may have the country of choice for professional immigration but it has been stuck in old stereotypes and the market may move on without it.

Four of the Dreamers who I was trying to encourage already left for Australia, its the younger ones leaving making the average age of the remaining African immigrants higher, good I hope for the Social security system!

The Tea Party may be happy that the Dreamers are beginning to ask the question, “Immigration:- What is the USA,selling anyway?” but the country may come out worse factoring in the lopsided funding of education for American kids who cannot claim Affluenza as a defence. These may even make The Speaker of the House and his GOP caucus celebrate, but they should be warned that that will be wining a single battle to loose a war

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