Uganda:values, culture, ethics and transition of power!

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Museveni asleep on the switch

“I understand government agents are starting to kill civilians and turning round to claim that these killings are being done by groups they claim to be terrorists, tribal militias or other incredible, and even laughable labels that they are manufacturing by the day. This is intended to scare the population so that it can be mobilized against the rebellion now mushrooming around the country. This is not only diversionary, but also criminal. Simply put, the problem won’t go away. This is just the beginning. And, things will only get worse, unless those in charge put aside their arrogance and heed our call for urgent reforms. They need to do this before it is too late.” Gen. David Sejusa
It’s an established fact that each society develops shared values that then shape their cultural altitudes and affect what is considered ethical. There is no universality in ethics and hence all politics is always all local. Be careful when you ask people to search their souls and do the right thing, for the “right thing” is relative. This is common knowledge to anyone who has either read, practiced or studied ethics. The majority of public servants in Foreign Service should have taken or should take a class in ethics, hence should understand that “what is right” is relative to the situation and the society.
It’s generally agreed that society may take one’s life for the common good, it does not matter how it’s done but a life is lost and society breathes a sigh of relief. It may be a policeman shooting a dangerous criminal, it may be a governor in the Southern USA state of Oklahoma hurrying to inject a cocktail of drugs in a convicted felon or it may be a community eating my sister-in-law because her return after disappearing for many years in which the community performed her burial rights is bad omen. They eat her and delivered her head and arm to my cousin for identification and burial! In each society’s eyes, they did the right thing, to maintain order in society, if in the process they eat their own, so be it!
Having established that each society has its own values and each society may require one of their own to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the good of society, we now turn to looking at how society governs itself. Popular culture has it that democracy is the best mode of government, but of the world’s 9 billion people less than one quarter live or understand what a democracy should look like. China is not democratic, India has a tortured democracy in which each caste knows and has accepted its station in life. The USA tries to act as the gatekeeper of democracy worldwide but we do business with China and India, we also do business with ourselves knowing too well that among us are people who hold their noses up believing themselves to be more equal than others! In our history and in some pockets of our land, we have practiced favoritism and discrimination knowing too well that, “Favoritism gives benefits to some people without a justifiable reason for singling them out; discrimination imposes burdens on people who are no different from those on whom burdens are not imposed. Both favoritism and discrimination are unjust and wrong”. It becomes worse when one group is favored while the other is discriminated because the gap between the favored and discriminated grows wider every day. This establishes that no system is perfect, the only reason democracy seem to be the rage is because the high decibel of the few who practice it and masses who long for it.
We know now that there is no one right way to govern a people although we would prefer that our way, the one we understand be the one that everyone else practices, who would not like that? We are all selfish and believe that we are the best, our ways are the best and our god is The God – but so does everyone else around the world!
I wrote this to draw attention to the fact that time for Uganda to change their government seems to be drawing near and their methods may not be understandable to us but then each society has its ways. President Museveni and his administration may have met their match. Gen. David Sejusa has issued an opening shot, the western intelligence services may have missed it or choice to ignore it but like the Arab spring, be ready for some egg on the faces of those whose duty it is, to know!
If your society decides that you are dead, they will eat you to ensure you remain dead, like it befell my sister-in-law or like a judge in Florida recently, who decided that it’s was good for society for a guy who had been declared dead to remain legally dead, at least this guy can remain physically alive although legally dead and he does not have to be eaten!
Museveni may not be so lucky this time around!
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