Winter Storm Juno – Passing through! Don’t Pass with it, stay safe.

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Juno 48 snow Focast - Stay Safe
Winter Storm Juno could be the largest Northeast snowstorm this year. Pay attention to State and county instructions. Travel will be interrupted with over 1600 flights cancelled, check with the airlines before venturing to the airports. Most States are putting road use restrictions to non emergency vehicles, stay home stay safe.
1.) Blizzard Conditions Likely, But Not Everywhere
Blizzard warnings are in effect for seven states and 28 million people as of late Monday morning.
However, some locales in this large swath may not actually achieve blizzard conditions. This is because there is a strict set of meteorological criteria that needs to be met:
• Heavy and/or blowing snow
• Winds greater than 35 mph
• Visibilities less than 1/4 mile
• Conditions must persist for more than three hours
Even if some locations don’t achieve this technical criteria, travel will still be dangerous and you should not attempt to venture out in the snowy and windy conditions.

2.) Juno Could be the Biggest Northeast Snowstorm in Nearly Two Years
Juno Snowfall Forecast
For parts of the Northeast, Juno could be the biggest snowstorm in nearly two years.
Nemo’s heavy snow and strong wind “footprint” closely resembles what is expected from Juno. This includes locations from New Jersey to New York City and Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. All of these states except New Jersey had locations that received more than 2 feet of snow in Nemo.
Just like we saw with Nemo, snowfall rates in Juno will be extreme. The National Weather Service says that the snow could pile up at rates of 2 to 4 inches per hour at times during the height of the storm from Monday night into Tuesday.
Not only that, the snow could be accompanied by lightning and thunder as the storm intensifies off the Northeast coast. We also saw this in Winter Storm Nemo.
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