Digital Delaware 2015 Ideas Challenge

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Walkable Wilmington by a team from startup Delaware was winner at Digital Delaware by proposing Digital Beacons and quarterly events in Wilmington.
Seven teams competed. They had three hours to propose a concept for a solution to a problem facing Wilmington. The teams had to choose one of the following or the two of them:
1.What can be done to support a business owner who is considering moving to , or expanding their business in, Wilmington using new technology ( beyond a website) and better information
2. How new technology (beyond social media) be leveraged to create the lifestyles and community with entertainments, culture and volunteer opportunities that makes Wilmington an attractive place specifically young professionals. thinks that this would be a good way to get counties in Kenya or other African countries finding solutions to their problems. Real economic and social challenges that need solutions will find resources, ideas to solve them are the one that are scarce.

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