Jihad John: Young rich 2nd Generation immigrants with no memory of the old country but a boatload of slights from new country!

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The Director of the CIA revealed today that they have 1000 groups or people spread through out the 50 states in various phases of radicalization. That is a large number but relative to a total population of 350million it’s a small number.

If I were to write a profile of these people I would say they are between the ages of 15years to say 35years. The majority may be second generation immigrants who have no memory of the old country and have this fantasy of a country with not disrespect or profiling of any nature. They may seem misfits keeping only the company of similar or they may take the daily slights with a smile on their face. Having access to a mosque where they could mingle undetected will be a help, the Internet is another refuge at websites with comfort food type language.most of these will be in middle or high income families because they are bored, rebellious and want to be different from their parents. All grew up in the west hence lack old country ability to keep secrets hence are open book, they say what they mean and act accordingly. The more disconnected from the home country the parents are the more likely the children will have the fantasy notions of the old country, and therefore more likely to be seduced by ISIS.

In our considered opinion, if you are a successful well inter grated and assimilated Muslim first generation Westerner who has disconnected from your old country with children between the ages of fifteen and thirty five, you have work to do. Talk to the children, the boredom of youth can lead to fatal fantasies.

Jihad John has been just unmasked to be 20 year old Londoner from a well of family Mohammed Emwazi. Young second generation immigrant rich bored no memory of old country with a fantasy of the country their parents left! He was born in Kuwait and comes from a prosperous family in London, where he grew up and graduated with a computer programming degree, according to the Washington Post.He wanted to go back to Kuwait but was stopped by the British intelligence.

But then the same can be said of the extremist of the right, they move around undetected. We explain away their actions but they provide the same risk.The general basis of profiling for probable ISIS recruits seem to be resource based, its a cultural blind-spot. To all these young immigrants RESPECT is much more important, the lack of or the perception of lack respect and the false promise of equal treatment looks like the most draw. Its more like that intelligent loaner in school or high school who goes on mass shooting sprees.

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