USCIS TPS Fees Draining Resources from those who can least afford- An ISIS open door

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The African countries that have temporary protection status (TPS) with the USCIS has remained steady they are Guinea , Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan.

According to the US Census reports there are 39,625 Liberian born Non US citizens of whom only 24.4% have gone past bachelors degree or higher with an average household income of $36,906 per year.

Similarly 16,216 Sierra Leone born non US Citizen with only 27.8% having gone to Bachelor degree or higher with a median age of 39 and household income of $52,762. Somalia has a non US Citizen in the US of 37,260 with only 13.8% having a Bachelor degree or more at a median age of 33 with an annual household income of $20,826. Lastly Sudan has a non US Citizen US residence population of 19,246 at a mediam age of 35.6 and a household income of $32,025 with only 34.7% having a Bachelors degree or above. No numbers are available for Guinea and South Sudan.

At a TPS registration fee of $515, discounting any greencard holders, if the Non US Citizen residents from Liberia, Sierra Leonne, Somalia and Sudan register for TPS, they will generate $57,858,705 in the first year and then $52,241,355 annually.

Register by clicking HERE to help as ACT as a community to press for grandfathering this programs in Residency because the programs are just draining resources out of people who are trying to get on their feet.

Its not in the interest of the USA to drain resources from families of immigrants who are struggling to assimilate and participate. ISIS and its associates like Boko Haram are targeting youth whose parents are from the countries where they operate. Somali recent immigrants have the least college education of all African immigrants, English is not their first language, they have a median  annual household income of  $20,000 way  below poverty line. Poverty and language difficulties (ESL) will push their youth into isolation and religion landing them into mosques, into the hands of recruiters! We as a country welcomed these immigrants and gave then access, its important for the country and the immigrants for them to feel part of their new society and give them an opportunity to participate in the nation’s business including its security instead looking like an easy open door for ISIS recruiters.

As a nation we can choose to deal with the immerging African immigrant population in one of two ways. We could treat it as a small population with security implications and increase policing and imprisonment assuring a continuos challenge or we can see it as an oppotunity into the regions that we have no access to. The second option will involve going all out with social and education programs to Intergrate them and hence have a foot hold in a population that can reach out to world populations that would otherwise be hostile. In the larger scheme of things, a population of under 300,000 people relative to the general population is not anything to worry about.

Looking at the prospect of even 19,000 people from whom 300 lone religious wolves can be recruited means the number becomes significant. The best option would be to have a program focusing and targeting this group to bring the education standard above average, to raise the household income above the average and to go all out and make the children all American. It may cost $100,000,000 over a three year period but it will pay dividends for the nation.

We are recommending that we handle this as an African immigrant issues considering that each person is expected to pay $515 to register and pay $465 annually just to remain in the USA.

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