Twilight in Braitain: old England is alive, the Scots are gone in 20!

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When the reason for a union disappears, the union is no longer viable. The Sun long set on her Majastys empire.silently the center in Britain must rue the day they called on the colonial subjects to fend of the axis forces. They worn the war and lost the empire, lessons for the history books.
The lines they drew in Africa will linger for a while but they too will disappear, mercifully!
THIS ill-tempered, promiscuously focused election should be about the economy—and if the Conservatives pull off the win that their ratings on the issue seem to warrant, it may yet be. But future historians may prefer to recall the existential questions that accumulated in the campaign, little-noticed, like toxic mercury in a dolphin’s liver. Who wants to be British? What is Britain for? They will certainly marvel at a massacre of Scottish unionist MPs at the hands of the separatist Scottish National Party (SNP) which, assuming the polls are even half-right, is about to leave Britain’s 300-year-old, once swaggeringly successful, union of nations looking desperately enfeebled.

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