Immigrant Scandal:- We carried the Zealots we run away from in our genes!

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There is a very active debate about immigration, immigrants and the treatment of both the people and the discussion in both Europe and the USA. The scandal is not that some human beings are inhuman to others, the scandal is that the children of former immigrants are leading the charge to keep the new wave out!
.Immigrant children
Trump has not told us why his grant parents left Europe to come to the USA and under what law they were allowed to just land and claim legal status. Its a well understood principal that the victors write history but the Native Americans have a story too. Stories of gifts of blankets laced with Anthrax, of children taken away from their parents, those are stories of illegality on one side and civilization on the other. If I were the majority of the “Our Country crowd”, I would hang my head in shame for what my ancients did but then, they are their ancients!
President Obama put it plainly, if you are not native American, you or your parents came from someone and the process was not all fine and dandy!
Reading most comments about “Illegal” immigration, I get the feeling that most of those saying. ”Just follow the rules” have no idea why people migrate. No one leaves their homes, just because the lights in the USA beacons. People leave their old countries because they must if they want to live, in survival mode the luxury of manmade rules don’t apply. “My mum came here legally”, “My mum married my father before who migrated legal then I was born” ……… are some of the lines of second generation Americans who think dreamers are a problem, newsflash the yarns that your parents told you are false! There is no “Illegal immigration” there is “immigration” and the processing of “Documentation” the latter is the responsibility of the receiving country and its broken in the USA and needs to be fixed

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