Uganda Elections: The Monsters we create overseas are worse than those we get!

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In a press statement issued by Mr. Mark Toner on 20th of February, the United States commended the Ugandan people for participating actively and peacefully in the February 18 2016 elections. It noted that while the vote occurred without major unrest, there were numerous reports of irregularities and official conduct that were deeply inconsistent with international standards and expectations for any democratic process.
Delays in the delivery of voting materials, reports of pre-checked ballots and vote buying, ongoing blockage of social media sites, and excessive use of force by the police, collectively undermined the integrity of the electoral process. It noted rather mildly that The Ugandan people deserved better. The statement also said the US was concerned by the continued house arrest of opposition presidential candidate Kizza Besigye. It called for his immediate release and the restoration of access to all social media sites.
The US government further encouraged those who wish to contest the election results to do so peacefully and in accordance with Uganda’s laws and judicial process, and urged the Ugandan government to respect the rights and freedoms of its people and refrain from interference in those processes.
It may be that the US government is slowly but surely learning that the monsters we create overseas are worse than those the overseas voters give us to deal with without us interfering. The inability of the US to influence both Museveni of Uganda and Paul Kagame of Rwanda to serve limited terms and facilitate transitions is a testament to our inability to understand the fallibility of our policy of having overseas “leaders” we like.

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