Education should be a socialization process not a prison

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The unemployment of Africa’s college educated youth is of major concern. Education should be a socialization process that enables the learners to be successful in their local environment and the wider world. As its a well known fact that unemployment is a phenomenon that occurs when people who are a time you looking for employment to fail too tain work. Where work is a mental or physical activity undertaken by someone to achieve specific objective or purpose to derive a livelihood. College educated people should be able to create work not seek it, 80% unemployment means the socialization process is broken.
This is the basis of this presentation by African Wood Inc. During both business mentoring sessions and career coaching I have learned that the education most people perceive to get puts them in cages with tunnel vision.
It’s a mentors and coaches challenge to get people to understand that the world does not standard still while they put in place the requirements of the careers or businesses they planned. This continuous changes in the environment requires constant adjustment to goals and objectives, nothing in life other than taxes and death is engraved in granite. What one does for a living should be determined by current and foreseeable future societal needs not the education a quiet ten years ago and not the likes and dislikes of the person.

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