Wikileaks is an E-Fence for the Russians

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John Pedesta’s leaked emails are fruits of a poisoned tree, social engineered and e-fenced. Many US news organizations are participating in their distribution. In essence the news organizations are setting a tort precident and opening up many public officials for privacy intrusion. We can only say,Enjoy for now, for your time will surely come in short order!

Wikileaks is an E-Fencing operation. Whatever your political persuasion, if you distribute stolen valuable information, you are knowingly encouraging the common law tort of intrusion. If you buy and resale merchandise from an e-fencing operation you are participating in the e-fencing operation. The 2016 election will be over but a common law precedent would have been set, most of those who are cheering now will run for the hills! Using the fruits of a poisonous tree to ones advantage is a double edged sword.

It is now official, from the CIA and the Obama Whitehouse that WikiLeaks fenced selectively stolen information for the Russian, and the US News outlets fanned the flames!

Freedom of association and freedom of speech are guaranteed in the US Constitution. You are free to associate with who ever you choose and they are free to tell you whatever they want. You may choose to believe them or not but if it turns out that they did not have your interest at heart, you can’t complain, or can you?
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The people through the courts can complain and put you away if you associate with terrorists. In that case, the freedom of association is not unfettered. There are various unprotected speeches under the constitution, wire fraud is a result of one of them. Social engineering results from associating with someone who turns out not to have your best interest at heart and takes something of value from you it fraud. The fruits of online social engineering are fruits of a poisoned tree, any one who conveys or parlays them is participating in a criminal enterprise.

Handling, transporting and selling stolen goods is criminal. Information, particularly private information obtained by social engineering is valuable stolen goods. It is valuable merchandise to Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and other commercial news outlets.
To put WIKILEAKS e-fencing Operstions out of business, it’s their merchandising outlets that have to be put on notice. Just a thought.

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