Thanks Senator Coons for reaching out!

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It nice that Seneta Coons thought it nice to write an, “I feel your pain, but pick yourself up and keep moving” letter. The Democratic Party feels low now buts it’s not out!

Dear Madan/Sir,
I have heard from many friends and family who are upset and concerned about what the results of this election mean for our country. While I understand those concerns, I have faith in the fundamental strength of our democracy and our collective will to move forward together.
Sometimes our commitment to democracy demands of us hard things. We need to acknowledge and address the change many voters want, even if we disagree with the chosen route. We all recognize the need to find a shared path forward despite real and deep differences. Our country has done this many times before, and each time we have emerged stronger.

I am proud to represent a state that last night elected new and promising leaders for state and local office as well as to Congress. I will do my best to continue to represent the values and ideas of my state and community in Washington. I also remain grateful to Secretary Clinton for her decades of service to our country. Her campaign’s central message that we are stronger together resonated with millions of people, and I believe it remains true today.

Last night President-elect Trump spoke about bringing America together, supporting veterans, and rebuilding infrastructure — priorities and values I share. It is my hope that he will seek to govern in a way that will address our national challenges and actually move us forward. If he is willing to do so, I will do my best to work with him and the Republican majority in the Congress.

President-elect Trump also said some outrageous and frightening things on the campaign trail, including proposals that would violate our core national values and our Constitution. To the extent he tries to move forward on those ideas, I will work tirelessly in opposition.

I will need your help, your input, your advice, and your encouragement as I do my best to reflect my community, honor our values, and defend our Constitution. It is my hope that we will find a way forward together.


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