The Promises for Government in New Castle 2017
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  1. Hire competent and ethical leaders in the executive office, qualified and prepared to serve, who will deliver a better government to all county residents.
  2. Hiring and personnel decisions will be open and transparent.
  3. The first step to an ethical county government is recruiting, training and retaining only those individuals with the highest level of professionalism and ethics
  4. Those with power and influence have faced the temptation to put friends, relatives and associates in roles in which they do not belong, the county system must guard and stop this practice
  5. The public also has a right to know who is lobbying the County Executive
  6. Subject to privacy and confidentiality, publication of all substantive financial transactions, donations and any in-kind transactions should be readily available for public review.
  7. Establish the proper checks and balances to ensure that county officials act in an honest and ethical manner.
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