Why do we give Black Kids in the US a pass when they Disrupt School?

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President-Elect Trump with his lack of “political correctness” for lack of proper words is providing a crisis that we would hate to waste. This grants us an opportunity to ask questions we would otherwise not ask. We are not going to ask or beg Trump not to nominate whoever he wants; the people voted for him, and they sure should get the full package. The press cheered him own as he lambasted anyone who does not look or talk like him, so we hope he goes ahead and gives them a little taste of Joseph Goebbels – life is not always about ratings, morals, and ethics matter too!

Primary School in Kenya © David Bernard-Stevens via Facebook

Primary School in Kenya © David Bernard-Stevens

Our question is about the disruptions in class of predominantly African American schools. Why do we give black kids a pass when they disrupt school? What is the fetish with , “A white teacher called a black kid the n-word,” they use it to themselves anyway. We have to accept the the USA, is shark infested waters, that being said, you don’t go swimmimg in shark infested waters and then cry foul when the sharks attack. Poverty should not be an excuse for bad behavior. A few days ago a teacher was fired for loudly voicing her concerns in a predominantly black classroom. Silencing teachers or demonizing a ‘mirror’ does not solve a problem.
On this page, you will see two photos of teachers who taught me in sixth grade. Mr. Washington Atenya and Mr. Lawrence Ocholi, they are now approaching their mid seventies. The school they taught in had no shutters on either windows or doors, the floors were made of cow dung, we had no running water, no electricity, our toilets were holes in the ground without doors. I photo taken recently by an American friend who lives in Kenya is used as the lead on this article to make my point, those kids are sure happy just to be in class. They will be competing in great market place ten years from now with those disruption class in Baltimore, guess who will not stand a chance? Fortress America as promised by Trump will not help! These type of schools school still exist around the worlds, and those conditions have not changed. All the students in that school and in many other schools like that are black. The teachers and parents expect the students to show up in school on time and remain orderly in class and school, and they do. Our question is, why do predominantly black schools have so much disruption, why don’t they go to school, remain orderly and not give people open opportunities to abuse them?
Protest and expressing your uniqueness is all good but for God’s sake you are opening yourself up for slaughter. The time for standing outside and peeing in on the ‘man’ is gone, its time to be inside peeing outside. We ask that the black Americans learn from the Jews Americans. The Jews are a minority, they have gone through persecusions for centuries. They have come to have two identities. The American character with names to boot that helps them blend in, and the jewish identity with names they utilize at home and the synaguege. They learned not to stand out like a sore thumb!
Ok, lets say you are black, so you cannot exactly blend in but for gods sake don’t put on a hoody in class! Don’t having sagging pants, that culture from prison that tells the guy behind you that you are availabl! Don’t go to class unprepared and have an attitude when the teachers asks. You claim you are poor, how come you can afford a smartphone to video the class disruption. We agree that the system is unfair, but why make it worse for yourselves?
Mr Washington Atenya

Mr Washington Atenya

As Barrack Obama leaves office without any scandal, we have seen what a black man can do when he puts his mind to it. The ImmigrantNationUSA’s contribution to “My Brothers Keeper” is that black Americans need to examine themselves, accept the conditions that they find themelves, stop pointing fingers and start working themselves out of a prisom mindset.
Firing white teachers who point out in colorful language that we are headed in the wrong direction will not solve the problem.
We need to hear from black Americans, why do we have to accept our kids disrupting classes? Why do we have to ideolise prison culture in our homes, streets, and schools? Agreed it’s a shark infested waters, why do we go swimming in it?
It is important to understand that dominant individuals play roles in powerless groups while submissive people play significant roles in influential groups. Anytime every black kid thinks they can make a statement and stick it to the “man”; they are making the entire black community weaker. The Jews community has extreme power because they have a majority of submissive individuals who are persuaded to be practicing Jews and conform to the norms membership imposes. Power comes from numbers, organized numbers. As a percentage of the total population the black people is slipping, from 13% to 12%, this is a real problem, it will not go away by us shouting to the moon!There is only one known way to ensure that numbers don’t slip, have families and raise orderly children, the government or schools will not discipline children for you. Learn from the Latino community, their numbers are going up, in a democracy, that is important.
We know that either Trump is racist or he used racist sentiment in the country to get to power. We also know that he is going after everyone: Latinos, Mexicans, Blacks, Immigrants, Muslims, LGBT community, Chinese, and women. We all by now know Martin Niemöller who is best remembered for the quotation:
Mr Lawrence Ocholi

Mr Lawrence Ocholi

First, they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
We are hopping that in 2020 this may not read with all those groups in each line, Hiltler had three years Trump has four, as we enter the dark tunnel in January; we are hoping that everyone is vigilant. We are also hoping that Black Americans learn from Jews Americans and fix what is ailing our communities. Its not all external. Poverty is not an excuse for bad behavior. A hostile environment is not an excuse for failure. Standing outside “peeing “in is not a strategy for success. Why are the bright kids the ones targeted in the neighborhoods? Academics is not for white people alone and if a white teacher out of concern for the direction the kids are taking, use colorful language, let it go. Listen to her!
In this article we are an equal opportunity offender, now let us hear what everyone got to say! One thing is sure, what the African American community is doing about kids disrupting class is not working.

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