Taiwan:- May be we misunderstood!

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Americans lack institutional memory, the old world on the other hand is slightly different. Our President-Elect Trump may quickly find out or we shall all soon be at war. This time round the world is expecting us, and the, “You are either with us or against us” line will not bring everyone inline.

The US has not been talking to Taiwan considering it an internal territory of China, but President-Elect Trump thinks he can talk to them as a bargaining chip to make deals with China. People accumulate power, the ability to introduce force in a social interaction, by having numbers, organization and resources. Power unlike force always works, you need to retain the ability not test it out. This power assures the power holders of food to survive and thrive, status to attract mates and sex to multiple to perpetuate their society.

China has a population of 1,373,541,278 Against the USA population of 323,995,528 Organizationally China is a command economy while the USA is a democracy with more than half against the president-elect. President-Elect Trump is on record as stating that our intelligence services perform below expectations, I have to believe him. He obviously knows stuff I don’t because he won an election against all odds and our intelligence was asleep on the switch during the Arab spring, the Brexit and his own election. This leads us to a positing that we may not know the resources China may bring to bear in a war.
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Going back to institutional memory, the old world is very short on forgiveness and long on memory. Trump may be very surprised at the alliances that we may have to confront. When the only tool one has is he hammer, they tend to think every challenge is a nail. When the only value you have is money, you tend to think every interaction is a money making deal. Trump will very some get reenforcement that money rates very low on people’s minds, family honor ranges very high and talking Taiwan may rang very high in Disrespect.

Postscript : The Japanese Prime Minister has announced a visit to Pearl Harbor take that the way you want it but reminders are good, may be President – Elect Trump may want to visit Hiroshima.

Democracy failed Europe in Germany before the Second World War, Democracy may have failed the world in the USA this time around!

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