The Brenton Woods Compact Grandchilden like the privileges but hate the responsibilities.

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The Barbarians have been at the gate of our current system since 2007, we have however all refused to look. Given the big data, all the public and private surveillance systems, no agency of government anywhere foresaw the Arab spring, Brexit or Trump coming. We may all pay the price but the civilization meme will survive and proper. it’s a cycle that befalls every civilization. The civilized become fat and complacent , the Barbarians take the structure and move it ahead!

After the financial collapse of 2007 and a war based on lies, was the election of Barack Obama a rebellion which the establishment missed? Did the American electorate hand the power over to a skinny black man with a strange name hoping he would tear the structure down and rebuilt it afresh? Did Barack Obama himself miss the instruction from the electorate? Could it be that the instructions were for him to burn down the structure, take the fall and let the people built a fresh structure from the ground? Instead, he patched up the system and sheepish smiled while handing back to the people! The people did not want it patched up, they wanted it gone but did not want the responsibility of saying so explicitly! So you have your answer to the question,”Why did the electorate smile at him, say they liked him a lot (55%) then hand the power to his nemesis? The guy who promised to drain the swamp, take the country to the times when women were men’s play toys and sensitivities to minorities was a locker room joke? Is it possible that the Arab spring was a continuation of the same rebellion against an international architecture that served its purpose after 1948 but everyone seems to think needs to go? Is Brit-exit a continuation of the rebellion, we all know is there but are afraid to look leave alone contemplate? And then there is Trump, the American people will meekly hand him the nucleus codes in January – we all know he can’t handle his twitter account! This time around eight years delayed, the American people may finally get their wish, to burn down the structure from Breton Woods. What a nice little fire that will make! It seems, we are a biological population in crisis and our survival genes don’t want choices, they just want security and directions!

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