The Journey from Mombasa

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After the long tiresome journey from Mombasa, my residential area ,to Bungoma. I finally reached my destination, school. I entered the school compound with one aim;to work hard and pass my 8th-grade studies with flying colours. As I get walked to my new classroom,thoughts kept on crisscrossing my mind on how I should manage myself so as to make sure I reap great results!!
Upon entering my new class, I could hardly recognize the pupils inside there. This was brought about by the two months long holiday of relaxing at home. Of course majority had grown big and plump. After greeting all of them, I took my seat and could still hardly believe I’ve entered 2017!!The last year of my primary education. As it is a culture for our school, pupils must be tested to see what we have been up to at home. The tests are dabbed”Eye Opener”. I will let you guys know my results as soon as I’m done with the tests!!!

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