Do Fragile States Export Insecurity, does the US & Allies create fragile states?

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The USA blames fragile states for its security challenges both at home and abroad climaxing in President Trumps Executive Order (EO). An executive order imposing a 120-day suspension of the refugee program and a 90-day ban on travel to the U.S. from citizens of seven terror hot spots: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan.
The question one might want answered is whether the USA actively engages in creating fragile and failing states. The US Public Policy of blaming these failed states continue even after academic studies have clearly proved otherwise, but it plays well with local populations in need of someone to blame for their falling per capita income.
To be successful, a state must satisfy three key conditions:
1. Exercise a monopoly of legitimate violence overs its defined territory
2. Impose and collect Taxes from all people legal or natural residing or conducting gainful activities in its defined territory
3. Seek periodic consent from the citizenry
Any interference in any of these three will weaken a state and make it either fragile or failing. President Trump picked on seven countries which his advices say were fingered by the Obama Administration – here are the countries with the fragile states index 2016 Somalia (114), Libya(96.4), Sudan (111.5), Yemen (111.5), Iran(86.9), Iraq (104.7),and Syria(110.8). In comparison, the index has the USA at 34 and Norway at 21.6, the higher the index the more fragile or failing state.
Has the USA in the past or is it currently involved in curtailing any of this states ability to exercise the monopoly of legitimate violence in their territories? Looking at the international reports on illicit financial flows, do these countries feature and do the tax havens that facilitate these flows have any connection with the USA or OECD? In the past, has the USA or other OECD countries tried or succeeded in imposing “leaders” to would remake these countries after their own image?
It’s for everyone to make a judgement call whether the USA and other OECD countries have played a role in creating the fragile states they are now blaming for international insecurity. The question as to whether they are justified in placing the blame is a different one from whether they created them. America is however famous for shooting first then aiming latter. Benjamin Aaron Oppenheim studying under Professor Steven Weber at the University of California, Berkeley in 2014 found that these countries do not export insecurity. I will just leave it at that.

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