The policy is either to make the USA white again or denigrate its institutions and subordinate them to Russia

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The United States of America is withdrawing into its shell; the USAID will have its budget get by 37% if the Trump administration and the Republican Party have their way. The US funding for women health issues worldwide has been withdrawn and the USA is withdrawing from the talent market because most talent is brown and they administration is a cultural puritan. The Republican Party and Trump admiration policy is either to make the USA white or denigrate its institutions. Making the USA white as it was in the 19th Century is not possible and denigrating the USA institutions to make them subordinate to Russia the only remaining white only country is the only hand they are playing but it will fail.
As patriotic Americans work to straighten the ship, current immigrants, and talent and women health issues cannot wait that why it’s refreshing that Canada, Australia and New Zealand are stepping up. African countries particularly South Africa and Kenya will have to step up their game and enter the talent market. The politicians in those countries will have to learn very fast that there are no guardian angels overseas to referee their unreasonable disputes; life is not a zero sum game, they will have to learn that there can only be one president at a time, and no system of choosing a president is perfect.

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